Strategy, identity, content,
photo, design, development
Project timeline
— 73 days

The goal

Showing to the world the new upcoming product on the market: Pancord, screening innovative bracelet. A fact-finding website to learn more about negative influence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), as well as to get the keyworks of bracelet beneficial impact to one's health.

The case study

Nowadays there are dozens of smart devices on the market. Some of them are for fun, some of them are to make sports. And at the same time — the problem of harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in everyday life is huge. Our goal was to put simply quite complicated things and offer an alternative for maintenance one's wellbeing.

The solutions

We decided to avoid comlicated medical terms, but simply to talked to creator and users to discover the subject.

Screenshot 1


We've found the best way to arouse user's interest is to suggest discover your own EMR in everyday life — with an interactive calculator. One or two clicks back and forth, —and you can easily gain the result!

Screenshot 2


We've chosen the most popular questions among real cases and unscramble all of them, minimizing low-effective requests on the website.

Screenshot 3


At one of the pages we've shown detailed graphics how the bracelet app works together with desktop version of bracelet cabinet.


The results

1658 potential users
discovered more about Pancord system and its app
4 big distributors
were found with help of those marketing tools
«This was our second project we were doing together as a team. Working with DEPO is always a pleasure — they do all the content and the project management with my minimal involvement after they've got the main idea.
Would prefer to choose them again to work on our new innovations!»
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