Content, design, development
Project timeline
– 54 days

The goal

Clipcut — is the name of postproduction studio from Germany. Our goal was to present its new service on the market — creation of small movies by editing your mobile content.

The case study

Many people having holidays, celebrate precious moments, take part in business events and as a result, shoot many non-professional videos on their smartphones. After coming back from holidays, someone's wedding or a business trip — they realise, that they have actually nothing to show from that content! New Clipcut service was a good idea to make from mobile videos a good highlight movie to share with colleagues and friends.

The solutions

We've decided to point out problems which are common for most of the users, — when there are too many videos has been shot and nothing to show after. And as a result offered other option than to store those tons of information on your clouds

Screenshot 1


On the first screen we've shown preview of results — looped video from 3 cuts (traveling, wedding and business) to get the idea what the highlight videos are. And it captures the user to scroll further through page.

Screenshot 2

Audio feedbacks

According to our studies — this is a high conversion tool. it increases user's trust and simplifies content absorption — nowadays people prefer to listen, than to read.

Screenshot 3

Sets of services.

Highly detailed block made in accordance with all conversion tricks. here we specify the bestseller type of service, and then show other possibilities for clients with bigger request.


The results

times more conversion in the region with the new webpage
90 %
effective requests gained
«What I like most about DEPO, that they immediately dive into your business idea and wrap it up as the best fit candy for your audience. That exactly how it was with Clipcut!
Also I'm very pleased, that at the end I've decided to buy annual tech and design DEPO support of my webpage: any changes I want to make, — they do it in no time.»
Cite author Sergiy Netavskyy Director of Clipcut studio