English School
Bambook Academy

Strategy, content, design,
development, contextual ads
Project timeline
– 47 days

The goal

Create a beautiful landing page for language school Bambook Academy. New must-click destination — English language.

Main tasks:

  • make the landing page stand out of other Kiev schools offering only aggressive marketing, convenient location, low prices, and «exclusive» special discounts
  • set a block with a detailed study options description and a schedule of classes to save school managers time
  • create a user-friendly interface to get more page visits and customers

The case study

People want to feel the care, custom solutions, and a guarantee of obtaining the knowledge they can use in practice. We made it happen.

The solution: 1 landing, 6 sections. All that is needed is to narrow the niche and segment the target audience. Make the focus on topic-based courses for web designers, IT specialists, travelers, business travelers (age 20-35 years). Plus, English courses for children and teenagers.

Landing page

We followed the corporate style of Bambook Academy, showcased other languages (Czech and Polish). The main task was to create a design that will still be relevant in the next 3-5 years.

The solutions

Getting better data does come easy. To process and structure a large amount of data, we displayed each of the blocks in different ways and selected the best option after A/B testing.

Screenshot 1

Topic-based layouts

Task: by making the visually attracting blocks, make it easy for people to see the key advantage — topic-based courses.

Solution: create group cards filled up with information and the flash set of icons for each course.

Screenshot 2

Say hello to teachers

Often, the choice of a teacher on the site is a cat in a bag. A good photo and a few words below are not enough.

We solved this issues by adding a video presentation taken during the lesson. After watching the video, the student will be able to draw the first impression about the lecturer, evaluate the speech and the ability to keep the students’ interest.

Screenshot 3

Detailed group card

There two options in case the information on the site needs some edits. At best, the user calls the school to ask additional questions, at worst — just closes the tab and leaves the site.

At this stage, schools lose dozens of leads. We carefully worked on this block. And the test result: 80% of clients received all the necessary information without asking the managers for help.


The results

7 days
group enrollment closes in 7 days
instead 30+ (as it used to be)
62 %
workload decreased by 62%
for school managers
«DEPO team does inspire me. It’s pleasant to see how an idea comes from concept to reality, turns into a beautiful lending and brings a stunning result.»
Cite author Ivan Lytvyn Head of language school Bambook Academy